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:icongrand-art-world: is now the first group you see when you go click groups.. to search for groups you will see our group :iconjoyplz:

we have 464 members and rising :D
we have 496 watchers and rising :D

we have 7,379 page views and rising :iconwowplz:

we were founded December 2012  
we are very active group

we have contests, role plays and other fun stuff to do to

below are announcements

:star:remember we have the winter theme and please, please do not spam this folder... it is only meant for winter themed stuff... nothing else but snow and ice basically... if you have no idea what winter is or what snow is please do not post your work in here...:star:

:star: remember we are having the icon contest and so far no one has submitted but me... why i did was to show you what we are looking for as we got spam in this folder... only post in here if it is an icon also labeled mascot... nothing else but mascots should be in here but we got digital, photos, and drawings... plus it has to be bran new not an old deviation you did. please do not spam this folder and other folders :star:

:star: if you continue to spam folders you will be blocked by this group. so stop spamming the folders. the only folders you can spam are the ones marked devious, random, misc, more or other. these are the folders i made to get more people in here by asking to submit there work. also where you need to put your work in if you dont want to pt them into the right spots :star:

:star: if you spam other folders for a reason please let me know why this is, as this is against the rules of the group... unless it is meant for mixed media :star:

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