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indeed it is, due to the fact that i am a co-founder i now take on certain responsibilities concerning the group hence why if any of you have any questions and cannot contact the admin i'm here to help in anyway i can. Yes, i also understand that my time on deviantart has been brief (being a mere 10 months) but i've come to understand the basics of the website very well, however i am only one human being so i can only tend to one at a time but i will try to reply as fast as i can when i can though still being at college and my exams coming up there may be many delays but will queries will still be answered.

Another factor which people need to keep in mind is that some of you might not be from the same country as me i go by GMT or to put it simply i live in Great Britain/UK so the best thing to do would be to work out how for ahead (or behind) you are in time from me so as to understand why i may not reply and also so that you do not get impatient

i've never been part of such a new and active group though i am the co-founder of an older and less active one.

i guess this concludes my welcome statement i hope this will help people i also like to get involved myself usually doing collaborations with other artists to show contrasts in style if anyone is interest ^_^ have fun and stay creative

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